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Diadaline (DIPDA Line App)

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Funny exercise with the DIPDA Line App


DipdaLine promotional video (click on the screen or scan the QR code, please)
1 minute video of the charm of the DipdaLine, make sure that

Video files on the activities of the DipDaLine including
waist line, hip line, thigh line, arm line and strength exercise.
(Click the image to watch the video)

>> Composition

  1. Twister
    It gives your feeling that you have rotating joints under your Feet and do twisting exercise for the whole body.
  2. Muscular strength band
    Good for physical exercise on the chest, arms and abdomen. Pull on the left and the right and swing it from the chest, over the head and behind the head.
  3. DIPDA Box
    It is luxurious with simple and plain design. It is a good present with the beauty and health for VIPs.
  4. Band box
    It is to store the muscular strength band.
  5. Instruction and warranty
    It specifically mentions the motions, quality assurance and after-sale service policies.
Weight before packing
Weight after packing
Dimension (mm)
400 x 298 x 80
410 x 410 x 310 (inside)
Paper / Color
Cardboard / For export - DW1
Packing unit

Monthly production capacity
Initial sample supply
Consumer price
Supply price
Supply price for a large amount of exports
Based on 2,000EA

>> Specification


>> Structure

The DIPDA Line fundamentally has strong structure.

  • Rolling bearing
    It holds the center of the rotating axis. The product uses the rolling bearing to hold the center and thanks to the precision from the bearing the product further upgrades its quality and finishing

  • Ball bearing
    The rolling 16 ball bearings reduces the friction while rotating. The 16 ball bearing are evenly rotated and evenly distribute the weight to maximize the safety

  • Friction plate
    It is made of the soft PVC (or eco-friendly EVA) to increase friction against the floor and to prevent slipping even though the plate is rotating. It has design aspects and prevents slipping while exercise for soft materials

  • Footstep
    It is made of the high strength ABS and shows no bending or crack. In particular, the material has excellent flexibility, maintaining clean outlook with no forms or smudges. The product is made of the ABS resin and has luxurious features and high strength. It increases frictional force to increase the rotating effect and adds more exercise from the proper heights on both sides.)

  • Steel guide
    It holds 16 ball bearings. The product smoothly rotates thanks to the top rotating plate made with steel with 115mm diamter to prevent the footstep from bending and upgrades durability. Upgrade the durability. It plays a role in maintaining the gaps of the ball bearings. The steel support is assembled to prevent abrasion while the ball bearings are rolling to increase the wear resistance.

  • Body
    It is made of highly strong ABS resin, balances in any direction and maintains structural strength. It has design, colors and texture to fit in small places like houses or office and gives affinity.

│Smart APP│

The app provides motions to shape lines for body parts.
(Search for “DIPDALINE " in "PLAY STORE" or in "App Store")

>> Main Screen

  • Exercise record : You may check the exercise records for a month.
  • Take 10,000 steps : It shows how may steps you take a day, distance taken and calories burned as a pedometer and take the remaining steps with the product if you do not take 10,000 steps a day.
  • Shape lines : You may watch video files to use the DIPDA Line more interesting
    take more effective exercises and shape lines on the waist, hips, thighs and arms.
  • Help : It shows the introduction and how to use the DIPDA Line
  • Purchase : It shows how to buy the DIPDA Line
  • Configuration : Automatic/manual, alarm, language

>> Shape lines
(Watch the video files of the DIPDA. The videos are downloaded.)

  1. Shape the waist line
    Basic twist, whole body twist, raise arms with hull Twist, twist pulling up and down with the band

  2. Shape the hip line
    Yoga twist, hip-up twist, twist while grabbing the band upward Bending knees and twisting arms

  3. Shape the thigh line
    Contact the heels, power twist, twist while placing palms Pelvis twist

  4. Shape the arm line
    Palm twist, rotating wrists, bending knees and crossing arms, power pumping while hanging the band on one foot

  5. Strength
    Strength exercise with the DIPDA motion with the strength band

>> Take 10,000 steps
It shows how may steps you take a day, distance taken and calories burned as a pedometer and take the remaining steps with the product
if you do not take 10,000 steps a day. This is initialized everyday.

  1. Popup the window to complete 10,000 steps with the DIPDA Line
    ex) If you take 8200 steps a day, you may take the remaining steps with the DIPDA Line for 900 times.

  2. Pop up the instruction on the effect
    You may check the effect of taking 10,000 steps a day with the popup window and this motivates you to take 10,000 steps a day.

  3. Pedometer
    It shows the functions of the pedometer and adjusts the sensitivity level.

  4. Display the distance you take and calories burned.

>> Exercise record / Configuration / Help / Purchase

Exercise record
You may check the exercise records for a month. (The daily record is stored at 0 am everyday and you may check per a month)
Set up an alarm on walks you want to check the exercise and guide the exercise. Configure automatic or manual operation and language
It shows the introduction of the DIPDA Line and  the DIPDA Line App.
It shows the contact and the website of the DIPDA Line for purchase.


The DipDaLine is good for the cases below.
Provide motions to shape lines on the arms, calves, thighs, hips and abdomen.

  • You may not lose your weight only with improving diet.
    Proper aerobics is required.

  • The nutrition does not help all.
    The balance between the nutrition and the exercise is required.

  • You may easily learn the motions through your smartphones.

  • Keep the diet and health at the same time.

  • Hard to take basic exercise due to busy schedule.

  • Stretch before the strength, golf or driving.
    Use for the stretching.

>> Strength and aerobics at the same time.


  • It is possible to do stretching and strength while not imposing much burden. Just use your weight and elasticity of the band
  • to move muscles not in use by freely adjusting the direction and the angle of the elasticity.
  • The bend is light and small for everywhere and portable.
  • It removes fat, raises flexibility, shapes beautiful body line and good for tailor-made diet.
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